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What To Bring

1) Your Swimmer is excepted to bring to at each meet:

  • Team swim suit
  • Googles
  • Eagle Harbor Swim Cap. Other club or school caps are welcome at practice, but during meets, please represent your Scream'n Eagles with the team cap.
    • Caps can be purchased at Guest Services Desk at Swim Park or Waterfront Park.  You may pay with cash, credit cards or member charging, if purchasing at either these two locations
      • Laytex: $5.00
      • Silicone: $12.00
    • At Away Meets, the volunteer coordinator will have caps to be purchase. We can except only cash as payment at swim meets.
  • Team T-shirt          Label Your T-Shirts!
  • At least 1 towel per swimmer                 Label Your Towels!

2) Chairs for family members.  Please be aware that the cabana we use for the team (by the snack bar windows) will not have as much seating this year.  You don't have to sit with the team, but it makes it easier to know when you child is to report to the clerk of the courts and to find all the swimmers on relays.

3) Healthy Snacks. Snack bar will be open during the meet, but its really a good idea to bring your own healthy snacks, such as fresh fruit, bottled water, etc.

4) Sunscreen. Your child will be outside for several hours.  Don't forget to apply and reapply!

5) Heat Sheet. At most regular season meets, heat sheets are not available to purchase. A copy of the heat sheet will be posted (on the Office and bathroom windows at home meets), but a lot of families will like to print their own heat sheets. The night before the meet coach will make available the heat sheet for you to print from home. Also, this website will post heat sheets. 

6) Sharpie. Sharpie markers are very helpful. You can write your child's events on their arms, which helps the volunteers at the clerk of the course. Also, its very helpful to write your family last name on the shoulder of your younger swimmer.

7) Highlighter. Useful to mark heat sheets so you can see what events your child is swimming

8) You are welcome to bring your own pop-up tent  (soccer tent) to meets.  Please be aware there a limited places where tents can be put.  No tents are allowed at pool ends either behind the starting blocks or at the other end of the pool.  You may not rearrange or stack lounge chairs/tables to make room for your tent. (Hint: people who arrive a little early get the best tent spots.) 

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Anatomy of A Swim Meet

Typical swim meets are laid out as follows:

  • Arrival: It's best to plan to arrive at the meet at lease 15 minutes before warm ups.  This will give you time to set up a spot on deck for your family, check heat sheets for any last minute changes, check in with your coach and to get your swimmers into their caps and googles and ready to participate in warm ups as soon as they start.
  • Warms Ups:  Warms Ups are before meets and are important for the swimmer to be there for. Warm Ups are only about 30 minutes, so have your swimmer ready to participate. When Eagle Harbor is the home team, Eagle Harbor warm ups typically begin 1 hour before the meet. At away meets, Eagle Harbor warm ups typically start 30 minutes before the meet starts.  Meets where more than 2 teams are competing times may be different. 
  • Swim Meet:  Meets are broken into two parts. The 1st half of the meet is event #1 through event #42: Then there is about 15 minute break (shorter if we are running late) And then 2nd half of the meet is event #43 through the last event.
  • 15 Minute Break: The beginning meet break is the time that volunteers should report to their positions if they are volunteering for second half. 
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FCSSL Swims Meet (and Champs) Order of Events

Girls Event # Event Boys Event #
1 10 & Under : 100 Yard Individual Medley 2
3 11 & 12: 100 Yard Individual Medley 4
5 13 & 14: 100 Yard Individual Medley 6
7 15 – 18: 100 Yard Individual Medley 8
9 6 & Under : 100 Yard Freestyle Relay 10
11 7 & 8: 100 Yard Freestyle Relay 12
13 9 & 10: 100 Yard Freestyle Relay 14
15 11 & 12: 200 Yard Freestyle Relay 16
17 13 & 14: 200 Yard Freestyle Relay 18
19 15 – 18: 200 Yard Freestyle Relay 20
21 8 & Under: 25 Yard Butterfly 22
23 9 & 10: 50 Yard Butterfly 24
25 11 & 12: 50 Yard Butterfly 26
27 13 & 14: 50 Yard Butterfly 28
29 15 – 18: 50 Yard Butterfly 30
31 6 & Under : 25 Yard Backstroke 32
33 7 & 8: 25 Yard Backstroke 34
35 9 & 10: 50 Yard Backstroke 36
37 11 & 12: 50 Yard Backstroke 38
39 13 & 14: 50 Yard Backstroke 40
41 15 – 18: 50 Yard Backstroke 42
43 8 & Under: 25 Yard Breaststroke 44
45 9 & 10: 50 Yard Breaststroke 46
47 11 & 12: 50 Yard Breaststroke 48
49 13 & 14: 50 Yard Breaststroke 50
51 15 – 18: 50 Yard Breaststroke 52
53 6 & Under : 25 Yard Freestyle 54
55 7 & 8: 25 Yard Freestyle 56
57 9 & 10: 50 Yard Freestyle 58
59 11 & 12: 50 Yard Freestyle 60
61 13 & 14: 50 Yard Freestyle 62
63 15 – 18: 50 Yard Freestyle 64
65 13 & 14: 100 Yard Freestyle 66
67 15 – 18: 100 Yard Freestyle 68
69 7 & 8: 100 Yard Medley Relay 70
71 9 & 10: 100 Yard Medley Relay 72
73 11 & 12: 200 Yard Medley Relay 74
75 13 & 14: 200 Yard Medley Relay 76
77 15 – 18: 200 Yard Medley Relay 78
79 Coaches & Parents Relays (Champs Only Event) 80
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All sports have a list of things of dos and don'ts. In swimming, the don'ts are recorded as disqualifications (DQs). Each stroke has a few items that will cause a swimmer to be DQed if they do them. These are called stroke infractions. Any swim that is DQed will not count in the ribbon/medal count and will not earn points for the team.

About half way thru the season, Stroke and Turn officials will be watching your swimmers at meets and DQing when necessary. Champs will have DQs.

A few things to remember about DQs:

Stroke and Turn officials always follow the rule: When in doubt, assume there was no stroke infraction. In addition, in our league, DQ rules are more lenient than in competitive year round leagues.

Our Stroke and Turn officials do not DQ our youngest swimmers.

DQs are not meant to be a punishment, but rather a 'heads up" to let the swimmer and their coach know there is something to work on at practices.

EVERYONE, and I do mean EVERYONE gets DQed at one time or another. It is nothing to be ashamed of, but rather something to work to improve on.

Swimmers, if you do get DQed, be sure to talk to your coach about what you need to do differently. Parents, if you swimmer gets DQed help your swimmer understand that it's not the end of the world.

If you see your swimmer get DQed during a meet, please do not approach the Stroke and Turn official. They will need to have their attention on the next group of swimmers in the water. Great place to get more information is from the coach, after the meet. It is guaranteed that if the Stroke and Turn official saw the stroke infraction, so did coach.

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Our website is new and still under construction.  If there is anything you would like to see added to the site, please let us know!

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